Have you ever wondered if God heard you?

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Have you ever wondered if God heard your prayers? I had and I guess many people had at one time or the other.
The truth is God is interested in our prayers.

However the devil’s trick is to sneak these thoughts into our minds in order to cause us to doubt God’s word. These thoughts can come to our minds during times of prayer, or even after we have prayed!

However contrary to our feelings the word of God reveals that God will answer our prayers.

The word guarantees our prayers

What guarantees our assurance that God will answer our prayers is because of what God himself said in His word. Jesus said ask and it shall be given to you Matthew 7:7 This is a promise from God that He will answer our prayers and these words should be in our thoughts always. However, the devil tries to convince us otherwise, these lies in our thoughts must be resisted strongly and not be accepted by us as we pray to God who promised to hear and answer our prayers.

Resist everything contrary to what God had said

God has designed prayer to be a way of communicating with him and has outlined in His word the thoughts and principles about prayer, how to pray, what to pray for and so on. God designed the systems involve in prayer in such a way as to keep the devil’s hands off our answers. In other words when we pray in line with His will which is His word, we will have the answers to our prayers.
God did not put the principles in His word about prayers to keep things from us.
For example when you go to the bank to withdraw your own money, you have to sign a cheque, or use a card, or have some form of code that is known to you or unique to you that will enable you to withdraw your money from the bank, before you get the money. Now, the bank is not trying to keep your money away from you by asking you to do that, rather they are trying to keep your money from everybody else! Why? Because there are thieves out there and you know what they will do when they get their hands on your money! Resist every thing that is contrary to what God has said about your prayers

Believe and act as if your prayer is answered.

God want us to study, know and understand these unfailing truths and principles, accept them, believe them and act on them in order to get the desired results instead of taking the lying thoughts from Satan that is meant to derail our faith in God’s word.
We must understand that God’s thoughts regarding prayers remain the same irrespective of what we feel for we are not praying to get His attention, He already knows! God’s word already tells us that we can come boldly to His presence. His ears are attentive to our prayers. 1 Peter 3:12. We are even not trying to get God to do something because He has completed everything. Our thoughts in prayer should be to communicate with Him, to believe and receive what He has already given to us in Jesus.

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