How to solve life’s challenges

by segunidowu
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You have been facing this problem in your life, and it appears that it is not going away.

what do you do?

Accept it and believe the problem has come to stay in your life, or shift your gear higher, shift to a level the devil or the problem can’t touch you.

Make the choice to set your mind on the grace of God available to you.

Make that choice.

You see whatever it is you are going through right now, you can avail yourself the opportunity to lean on the grace of God, which is sufficient for you to meet that challenges 2 Corinthians 12:9.

1. Fear not!

The bible says God has not given us the spirit of fear. Fear not, whatever the magnitude of that problem, you have the grace of God available, which will definitely enable you power sufficient to demolish it! Resist fear in all form and appearances. Let your mind not dwell on fear; rather let it dwell on the word of God that speaks against fear and worry. No matter how many times the enemy brings fear to you, or tries to magnify the size of that situation, let your mind dwell on God’s exceeding great and precious promises that says you do not have the spirit of fear. Don’t let that problem become the greatest thing in your life.

2. Ask for grace

Ask God for grace without wavering and it will be given to you, consciously allow yourself in your spirit to lean on the grace of God, to acknowledge in yourself that you have the grace of God sufficient enough to meet your need, in that situation. The scriptures says ask and it shall be given unto you. God is more than willing to provide the necessary strength needed. You see grace has provided everything you and I would need on this earth as we walk by faith in God’s word. But it is our responsibility to believe what God promised us and activate it in our lives by faith.

3. Speak the word

Speak the word of God to that situation knowing fully well that the word of God spoken in faith, will overcome that situation and circumstance. Refuse to say anything else but what God has said about the situation. Don’t allow the problem to dictate what you will say, keep on saying the word of God. When you do that, you are shouting grace to that situation (Zechariah 4:7) for the scripture says, you will have what you say. Mark 11:23.

4. Continually praise the Lord

Lastly, praise God in the midst of that situation, let His praise continually be in your mouth. As you continue to do that, even while the problem is there, it won’t touch you, it won’t hold you, it won’t depress you and it can’t destroy you and sooner than you realize, it will go as you become expectant awaiting favour and wisdom of God available to you to overcome that situation.

Psalm 27:1; 2 timothy 1:7. Acts 4: 29-33; Mark 11:23. Psalm 71:6, 14; Psalm 147

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