A system that cannot be manipulated

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There is a story about a King who had no children and needed to choose a successor to the throne, so he asked thousands of children to come into his palace so he can choose one of them.

From all corners of his kingdom, kids poured into the palace in their thousands. To each of them he gave a seed and told them to look after it for a year and then come back to the palace, when he would then choose his successor. The children took the seed and went home and they all returned after a year with magnificent plants in their pots except one boy who carried into the palace his empty pot with soil but no seeds growing in it. The King inspected all the pots with magnificent plants and then called out this boy with his lifeless pots to the front. He said ”when I gave you the seeds last year, they were boiled until they were no longer viable to grow but I see that everyone of you here would do anything including lying to be the King apart from this boy, hence he is my successor”

That boy’s integrity put him the palace. He was  truthful unlike the rest regarding what was given to him. Much more our God has integrity regarding His word that He has given to us. Many people need miracles in many areas of their lives and they are desperately crying and pleading that  God should move on their behalf, but like the King who gave those boys seeds, God has already moved, He has given us the seeds of His blessings, but unlike the King, our seeds has been primed to grow when planted. They are not boiled , they are viable.

That seed is His word.

Jesus brought this to the fore when He interpreted the parable of the sower to His disciples. And He said to them, “Do you not understand this parable? How then will you understand all the parables? Mark 4:13 Jesus said that if we can understand the meaning of this parable, then we can understand everything that pertain to the kingdom of God.

Isn’t that important to know that if we can understand this parable, then this parable will unlock the key to everything God had ever said or would say to us!

That is an important key given to us by Jesus isn’t it?

You probably know the parable in Mark chapter four, when Jesus said that a sower went out to sow seeds and the seeds fell on different grounds, some fell  by the wayside, some fell among thorns, some fell on the rock and some fell  on good ground and yielded a crop that sprang up, increased and produced: some thirty fold, some sixty, and some a hundred.” Mark 4:8. Jesus said that the seed He was referring to in the parable is the word of God. The sower planted the seed and the seeds fell on these grounds. unlike the dead seeds given to the boys who wanted to succeed the King, these seeds are alive but the problems are the ground in which they fell.

Different grounds, same seed

Now someone might say ‘Pastor that shows us that there are different grounds, maybe my ground is made of thorns! maybe the word is choked in my life.

That is wrong thinking. To think like that is to think that God is partial. He is not. For there is no partiality with God. Romans 2:11

You see everyone of us will determine what kind of soil we are going to be every second, every minute of each day, that we are exposed to the seed of God’s word. The word of God is the seed of His blessings, That blessings you desire is at your reach, when you choose the word of God and choose to make yourself the good ground instead of others.

How do you do that someone asked?

You do that by choosing to be a receiver of the seed, you choose to open yourself to what the word of God is saying to you right now instead of what your tradition, experience, ego, pride, lust, stupidity, fear…. add to the list (lol) is saying to you. That is how we are supposed to do it, we make our ground a good ground for the seed of His blessings every day of this life.

Don’t change your ground

You see when Jesus compared the word of God and the process in which it becomes fruitful in and through us, His audience understood the implication, they knew he was comparing the sowing of the seed of His word to a law of nature that is unchangeable and cannot be manipulated. The law of seed time and harvest. Genesis 8:22

Man may manipulate many system set up by man, like the judicial system for example, but the process of the system involved in the sowing of the seed and the harvest is unchangeable and cannot be manipulated by anyone. Next time you are tempted to switch your ground to the wayside when you hear the word.


Get the soil of your heart to be the good ground and you will experience the harvest promised by God’s word.

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