How do you respond to life

by segunidowu
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Paul Coelho, the Brazilian novelist says when I had all the answers, the questions changed, it appears that circumstances in life has a way of changing in a way that creates bafflement in the minds of many. And the fear of the future, and what the future would bring made many to lose hope that the future they are going into could be better.

However, in living our lives on this earth, how we see life, the filter through which we see life matters greatly because that is what will dictate how we respond to life, and how we respond to life, will ultimately affects how our lives will turn out.

What filter are you seeing through

Every body sees life through a filter. An optimist would see situations and circumstances through a glass half full and a pessimist through a glass half empty. Truth is, they both might be facing the same situation, but see it differently.

Have you try to explain a concept or idea to someone and it appears that they don’t get it? You could see it clearly, but to them it’s different. it could be blurry to them or totally unseen. This is because they are viewing the situation, the circumstance, the concept, the idea no matter how brilliant it appears  through their own filter, which is their way of thinking.

Everybody sees life through a filter.

This filter ultimately determines how they respond to that situation and how they respond to their life eventually.

You move towards your dominant thoughts

No wonder the bible emphasize the importance of our dominant thoughts, because God knows that the direction our lives would go will be determined by our dominant way of thinking. In fact the direction, your life is taking right now is dependent on your current dominant way of thinking

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…. Proverbs 23:7  Now if what the bible say is true, and it is, you should make sure you are viewing your life through the right filter.

The bible tells us to continually renew our minds with the word of God.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Roman 12:2 . This is to provide us a filter, a God filter in how we view and respond to life.

What many of us do not realise is that the renewal of our minds is to change our core beliefs and impact our thinking in such a way, as to change our view of life. Thank God that the knowledge of God’s word is increasing daily and many believers are learning what belongs to them in Christ Jesus. But the truth is many of us do not realise that we have to deliberately and literally change our core thinking by intense meditation on the word of God until it changed our core thinking and totally wiped out or obliterated previous ungodly thoughts in our core thinking.

It is possible to know all the scriptures about prosperity and hear the messages as well as be able to quote them intellectually but you have to allow those scriptures through continuous meditation to change how you see money and it’s use.

For example, If you have been raised with a fear of lack, you will always see your life as that, without; even if you eventually accumulate some money, you will limit what God could do in your life with money because deep down you have not changed your dominant thinking about money. Think about that!

All the money in the world

Someone said that if we take all the money in this world today and share it equally with everyone, in some years to come those who had it originally before we shared it equally will have it back again.
Why? Because their dominant thought is abundance whilst many does not have such core thinking! Unless you change your dominant thoughts deep down in you, you will be skimming the surface when it comes to any area you want to change.

That is why in order to change how you respond to life in any area, you have to change yourself at the core with the word of God. If you have as your core belief  a way of thinking that is negative, it will manifest in your life, if you see yourself as broke and without at your core, that is what you will get. On the other hand, if you see yourself prosperous and successful at your core, that is what will manifest in your life. See why it’s important we see life and respond to it based on God’s word after all it is His will that you prosper.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers 3 John 1:2

Watch Pastor Segun Idowu teach you on how to adjust yourself to the truth you have heard.

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